Junior Data Analyst

Job description

Job description

Opportunity Network is an invite-only network that allows CEOs to save time and speak directly with verified peers from all over the world over sizeable trade and financial business opportunities. Opportunity Network is now the world’s largest community of CEOs, counting tens of thousands of members across 120+ countries and has hosted >$500Bn worth of opportunities. Our purpose is to provide every reliable CEO with equal access to business opportunities.

The Role

We are looking for a Junior Data Analyst who is passionate about technology and businesses and who will help us achieve our goal of providing equal access to business opportunities to reliable CEOs. Broadly, Data Analysts at Opportunity Network focus on analysis, data interpretation and generation of actionable insights.

Tech and BI work closely to analyze patterns at a macro level, and to answer questions the rest of the company hasn’t thought to ask yet. The Junior Data Analyst is expected to participate in multiple kinds of analyses to assess our team's performance and predict the future behaviour of our users within the platform.

From 10.000ft, our current stack consists of a core platform connected to a relational database (MySQL), multiple microservices running using their own non-relational databases (Firestore) when applicable, and integrations with CRM (Hubspot), KYC/KYB APIs, messaging platforms, and other services. Most of the data flow is to Big Query, where it can be easily accessed by data analysts.

The stack currently being used for the Business Intelligence team consists mostly of Big Query SQL – used for data warehousing –, Microsoft Power BI / Tableau – used for data visualization and reporting to end users –, and Python, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy and Pandas – used for data analysis and ML.

The ideal candidate is a fast learner that can pick up the main concepts in a short time, who can understand the business easily, who learns from their teammates, and who is able to translate analytics into business outcomes.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Attend daily stand-up meetings, participate in sprints, and update task status in sprint boards.
  • Brainstorming with several teams to find useful KPIs and determine the best strategy to follow.
  • Develop data analysis models to help several teams from the organization improve their strategies, and help improve the business decision-making.
  • Create dashboards to track daily performance from employees – Power BI or Tableau.

Key competencies 

  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • High learning curve.
  • Humility/ability to take feedback
  • Communication skills

Job requirements

Job Requirements

  • Eligible to work full-time legally in Spain.
  • Degree in Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Information Management, or Statistics required.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Good knowledge of Python programming.
  • Preferably with some knowledge of Microsoft Power BI / Tableau.

What we offer

  • A dynamic working environment with an international and multicultural team of +30 nationalities;
  • €22,000 Base Salary + Corporate Bonus paid in equity;
  • More equity on a 5-year vesting schedule. 
  • Flexible work-from-home or work-from-the-office policy. (You decide whatever you want to do);
  • Retribución flexible with Cobee (Tax-free allowance from your payslip for food, transport, childcare and education)
  • The opportunity to contribute to global economic growth and shape the company culture of Opportunity Network.